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विध्वंसक - 12.2 '' | 31 सेमी

The Destroyer is the size of a baby horse. We won't advice beginner's to buy this toy, more to advance users which are not satisfied on what is on the market. The destroyer will satisfy your wild desires of full-fillment with a 4.7"/12 cm diameter at widest.

The String suction cup allow penetration from almost any direction. Stuck it on the floor and just sit on it. Stuck it below a table and get fucked from above.

ब्रांड: फ़ाक
रंग: 3 रंग चुनने के लिए - मांस, गुलाबी, काला
Material: Body Safe PVC - Flexible Material
वजन: 2.2Kg
सक्शन कप: मजबूत चूसने वाला
लंबाई: 12.2 इंच / 31 सेमी
चौड़े पर व्यास: 4.7 इंच / 12 सेमी
Diameter of Glans Gip: 3.3 inch / 8.5 cm

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