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NC05 - 83 मिमी / 3.26 '' - नई घुमावदार अंगूठी

  • Yes, we know, this might look a bit futuristic or complex but it is very easy to use and design is one our favorites. Open design allows a lot of teasing and stroking which leaves opportunity for you seeing submissive getting crazy while cage is holding him from getting a hard one.Estabilishing domination has never been closer. Steps are quite easy:

  • 1. Surrender the keys to the keyholder
  • 2. Be ready for a wild ride
  • Super easy to clean, high quality material, sexy design are key factors for unforgettable fun.
  • कॉक केज - NC05 - 83 मिमी / 3.26 "लेन्स्ट चैस्टिटी डिवाइस

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