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सियामी फन - 9.64 '' | 24.5 सेमी

The Siamese Dildo gives you double pleasure in one dildo! Fans of double penetration or want the extra feel of a second dick down their Vagina or Asshole, will love this device.
The strong suction cup can be stuck all around the house, on the floor to sit on a double dick, or below a table to get fucked by a double dick. You can also put it in your car or wherever you may think of.

Go Wild, Go Double.

ब्रांड: फ़ाक
रंग: 3 रंग चुनने के लिए - मांस, गुलाबी, काला
सामग्री: बॉडी सेफ मेडिकल पीवीसी
वजन: 890Gr
लंबाई: 24.5cm / 9.64 "
Insertable lenght: 19.5cm/7.67"
चौड़े पर व्यास: 9.8cm / 3.85 "

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